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Advanced Dental Technology - Billings, MT

Advanced Technology for Superior Dental Results

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Your Smile Deserves Quality Care

When seeking dental care, it is important to find a practice that utilizes the most advanced technology so you can ensure your results are predictable and precise. With our advanced technology we are able to give you more thorough treatment with a minimally invasive approach. You deserve to have a healthy mouth without the pain or recovery time associated with old, traditional dental techniques.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT
“With technology, it really makes a dentist’s life a lot easier to perform a task.”
Brian Francis, DMD

Dental Technology Available at our Practice

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

Laser Dentistry

With laser gum therapy, we are able to treat conditions like gum disease or frenectomies with gentle, minimally invasive laser care.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

Air Abrasion

This is a drill-less technique that we can use to treat small areas of tooth decay. By spraying fine particles at the treatment site, we can brush away decay without the need of a dental drill.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

With our CEREC technology we can create custom dental crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers all within the same day as your appointment with our in-house lab. This removes the need to wait weeks while wearing temporaries for an off-site dental lab to create your new restoration.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

Cone Beam CT Scans

By using a cone beam CT (CBCT) scan, we are able to quickly get a highly detailed view of your jaw and supporting structures. This allows us to more accurately plan dental implants so your results are more successful and predictable.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

Guided Implant Surgery

Through the help of computers and our CBCT scans, we can create a custom guide to ensure your dental implant surgery is accurate. This guide controls depth and angles, so there is no guesswork involved.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

Intraoral Camera

With these small cameras, you can see exactly what we see when examining your mouth. This allows us to better educate you on your oral needs and accurately plan your treatments.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

Guided Tissue Regeneration

This technology allows us to help restore lost gum tissue to allow for proper function and aesthetics. This can help treat those who suffer from gum recession or lost gum tissue due to trauma or periodontal disease.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT


By using laser light, DIAGNOdent allows us to more easily spot cavities that may have been invisible to the naked eye before. When we can treat these cavities early, we can prevent more extensive damage to the tooth structure.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT

Digital Smile Design

This incredible technology allows us to show you what your smile will look like after treatment. This is excellent for those considering dental implants or orthodontic care and want to see an example of the results before making such a life changing decision.

Technology Grants More Control Over Your Smile’s Outcome

Our patients typically experience an improved quality of life and a quicker recovery time after receiving treatment with our advanced technology. With our minimally invasive approach, you will not have to fear the dentist or your procedures. Dr. Brian Francis will be able to give you more predictable and accurate results than ever before. We want to give you a smile you are proud to show off to the world for a lifetime.

Advanced Dental Technology Billings, MT