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The Dental Services You Need for a Healthy Smile

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Exceptional Dentistry from Routine Cleanings to Dental Implants

When seeking your next dental home, it is important to find a practice that offers you everything your family may need currently and in the future. Dr. Brian Francis offers a variety of treatments from routine cleanings, to cosmetic services and dental implants. No matter your need, we have a minimally invasive solution to help you look your best.

Additional Services We Offer

Composite Fillings

Additional Services Billings, MT

After treating a cavity, you will need a filling to protect the tooth and the treated area. Composite fillings are a tooth-colored compound used to repair decayed teeth as a cosmetic alternative to traditional metal fillings.

Dental Bridge

Additional Services Billings, MT

A bridge is a collection of two or more dental crowns that span the gap of several missing teeth. This restores form, function and appearance to your smile and can often be created using our state-of-the-art CEREC technology.


Additional Services Billings, MT

Veneers are ultra-thin shells that cover the front of your teeth to mask any imperfections. Veneers can correct minor cosmetic flaws like discoloration, small gaps, chipped teeth or crooked teeth. We use Digital Smile Design to help customize your veneers to your ideal specifications.

Occlusal Adjustment

Additional Services Billings, MT

When your bite doesn’t align properly it can cause a variety of problems for your jaw, including TMJ disorder. Dr. Francis can realign your bite for a more harmonious relationship between your teeth and supporting structures.

TMJ Disorder

Additional Services Billings, MT

Your temporomandibular joint connects your jaw bone to the base of the skull, and it is often painful when it becomes inflamed. We can treat jaw pain due to TMJ disorder to return you to a pain-free life.

Pediatric Dentistry

Additional Services Billings, MT

We pride ourselves on being a family practice and see children as young as one year. It is important to get your child on a healthy, safe start for their future and we recommend bringing them in for routine checkups.

Sleep Apnea

Additional Services Billings, MT

For those having restless nights and tiresome days, sleep apnea may be the cause. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder and requires treatment. We offer solutions for sleep apnea and snoring to help improve health and quality of sleep.

Teeth Grinding

Additional Services Billings, MT

Excessive grinding of the teeth (bruxism) can cause serious damage in the future, such as fractured teeth, loose teeth or even tooth loss. We can create a nightguard for you to help prevent teeth grinding and save your smile.

Emergency Dentistry

Additional Services Billings, MT

Accidents happen. When you need emergency dental care you can count on us to make time for you. If you are experiencing excessive bleeding, sharp pains, or broken/knocked out teeth, we can help you in a timely manner.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Additional Services Billings, MT

Through a full mouth reconstruction, we can correct cosmetic and functional dental issues to restore your bite and smile.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Additional Services Billings, MT

Nearly 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer. We offer oral cancer screenings so this disease can be caught early and a treatment plan begun.

Fast Braces

Invented and founded by American orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Viazis in Dallas, Texas, the patented Fastbraces® technology is providing products that help dentists in over 50 countries straighten teeth safely, easily and remarkably fast, even in about 100 days.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation description coming soon.

An Experienced Team and Doctor

Additional Services Billings, MT

Our friendly team wants you to feel like part of the family every time you visit. We offer gourmet coffee and comfy blankets and also utilize the most advanced dental technology. Dr. Francis is a member of many professional organizations including the American Dental Association and Montana Dental Association. We have been in practice for over seven years and know that you won’t be disappointed when choosing us for all your dental needs.

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