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Dental Implants are an Important Life Investment

When deciding on replacing missing teeth, many patients are concerned with the overall dental implant cost of their treatment. Multiple factors go into the dental implant process, all of which can influence the cost of the procedure and make it different for each individual patient. By investing in dental implants, you are making a positive step in improving your oral and overall health. Many patients can’t put a price on the confidence and quality of life dental implants provide them after their treatment is complete.

Dental Implant Cost Billings, MT
“The smile is a good investment to make.”
Brian Francis, DMD

Factors that Determine Implant Cost

Dr. Brian Francis can replace missing teeth with individual dental implants or with an implant supported denture. When deciding on the dental implant cost, we take several aspects into consideration; the number of teeth to be replaced, tooth extractions if necessary, bone grafting to restore lost bone volume, the sedation option you desire, or if you require a full mouth restoration. After your dental implant is in place, you will also need a dental crown to mimic the look and function of a natural tooth. We offer CEREC® same-day dentistry and can create a beautiful restoration for your dental implant in one day. After finding your exact treatment plan, we are able to come up with the cost for your specific dental implant needs.

The Francis Care Plan Provides Affordable Dental Service

Dental Implant Cost Billings, MT
Francis Care

We understand that when you make such a big, important investment in your health, you may need a little financial support. For this reason, Dr. Francis has created his own membership club for those without dental insurance—the Francis Care Plan. Through a low monthly payment, we can provide you with the necessary treatments to keep your smile in a healthy state. This membership even gives you fifteen percent off your dental implants or other qualifying treatments! By making dental implants affordable, Dr. Francis is giving more people the joys of an improved quality of life. You deserve to eat, speak, and smile with confidence with the help of dental implant tooth replacement.

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Dental Implant Cost Billings, MT
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