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Tooth Extraction to Gently Remove Problem Teeth

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Tooth Extraction as a Last Resort to Save Your Smile

Having a loose or damaged tooth can cause a variety of problems, which makes extraction necessary. But tooth extraction is not uncommon in America, with 74 percent of adults having at least one tooth extracted over their lifetime. Although this is a routine procedure, we will only extract teeth as a last resort if they cannot be saved by other means. Dr. Brian Francis is skilled in extractions and may recommend one depending on the health of the tooth. Tooth replacement services after tooth removal is definitely an option as well, but if severe damage or tooth decay has rendered root canal therapy a non-viable option, tooth removal may be the best option for your oral health.

Reasons You May Require a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT

Dental Implants

Those who want to replace teeth with top-of-the-line dental implants, or even want the security of an implant supported denture will need to have their failing or damaged teeth extracted before new implants can be placed.

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT

Periodontal Disease

Those who suffer from periodontal disease, especially advanced periodontitis, may experience gum recession and jaw bone deterioration. When this occurs, teeth around the affected area can become loose and need to be removed. Often, bone grafting is necessary to restore lost jaw volume.

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT

Accidents or Trauma

Nobody can prepare for the unexpected and sometimes that means damage to your mouth. When a tooth is damaged beyond saving, extraction is necessary to prevent further damage to your jaw and relieve you of pain.

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can create oral complications, such as being impacted, causing nerve damage or even crowding surrounding teeth. Many people choose to have their wisdom teeth extracted during late teenage years as they begin to erupt.

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT


If you have severely crowded teeth, meaning they are packed too closely together, you may need to have some teeth extracted to make space for proper alignment.

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT

Retained Baby Teeth

In some instances, baby teeth may not fall out on their own, which can cause complications for permanent teeth growing in. Gentle tooth extraction can make way for permanent teeth to grow without issue.

Socket Preservation Preserves Jaw Bone for Dental Implants

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT
How Socket Preservation Works

Even one missing tooth can cause complications for your smile. Shorty after a tooth is lost the bone quickly resorbs and results in jaw bone deterioration and even shifting teeth, so it’s important to replace your tooth after it’s extracted. Dental implants are often the best choice, because they most closely mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth. If you are considering implants down the road, instead of having them placed immediately, we may need to preserve the socket where the missing tooth is, to ensure healthy levels of bone are kept. The procedure involves placing bone grafting material in the area where the tooth was. When you are ready for an implant, the bone volume level will be adequate enough to support it.

Gentle Tooth Extraction from an Experienced Team

Tooth extractions are a routine procedure for us and can be performed with the use of sedation. By using a local anesthesia, we can make your tooth extraction a virtually painless process. And for those nervous patients, we offer nitrous oxide to reduce anxiety. We have over seven years of dental experience and will do what we can to make your appointment easy and relaxing, including providing cozy blankets, pillows and soothing music.

Tooth Extractions Billings, MT