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Advanced CEREC® Technology Gives You Convenient Results

If your teeth are severely damaged or you have replaced them with dental implants, you may need custom, natural-looking crowns to restore function and appearance. Dental crown and bridge restorations are commonplace, as more than 15 million Americans have them. The traditional method of creating a custom restoration used gag-inducing impressions and required wearing temporary pieces while your final restoration was completed in an off-site lab—usually taking several weeks. Dr. Brian Francis uses the modern approach to dental restorations with state-of-the-art CEREC® same-day dentistry. CEREC technology provides a minimally invasive approach to creating restorations, which can be created in about an hour our office.

Cosmetic Crowns Billings, MT
“We have the technology to fabricate the crown in office from a digital image.”
Brian Francis, DMD

How CEREC Technology Works

With CEREC, Dr. Francis offers the most convenient approach to restoring your smile, whether it’s for missing teeth or a damaged tooth. In just one visit, we can create digital impressions of your mouth (no gagging on goopy molds), customize your restoration in-office (nothing is sent to a lab), and everything can be completed in one appointment (no temporaries). This process is ideal for those who need a restoration completed quickly or have a sensitive gag reflex. Using an intraoral camera, your impressions are done digitally, which gives us more accuracy when customizing your dental crowns and bridges. After the impressions are taken, your new crowns, bridges, or even dental implants are milled out of high-quality ceramic and color matched to your smile for immediate placement in your mouth, seamlessly integrating with your natural teeth. Whether you’re in need of dental implants, a dental bridge, or a solution for damaged or missing teeth, our one-visit approach ensures a swift and precise restoration process.

Benefits of CEREC

Cosmetic Crowns Billings, MT
Benefits of CEREC
  • Same-day restorations
  • High-quality ceramic material
  • Natural appearance
  • No temporaries
  • Minimally invasive impressions
  • Strong—not prone to chips or cracks

High-Quality Cosmetic Care

Dr. Francis and our staff treat patients like our very own family. We specialize in minimally invasive dentistry to ensure each visit is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Francis has received advanced training from the Spear Institute and in continuing education for cosmetic dentistry. This training, combined with our advanced technology, allows us to give you the beautiful smile you’ve been seeking.

Cosmetic Crowns Billings, MT

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