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Sedation Dentistry Facts You Should Know Billings, MT

Sedation Dentistry Facts You Should Know

Nitrous Sedation

Woman receiving nitrous sedation during dental procedures to alleviate dental phobia (dental fear)

Although everyone should see their dentist in Billings, MT at least twice a year, many people still hesitate to make an appointment for many reasons. One could be dental anxiety. Dental services have advanced to include sedation dentistry, but some people still hesitate due to misinformation or misunderstanding about how this service works. Here are some facts about sedation dentistry you should know when you visit Dr. Brian Francis and our team.

Sedation Dentistry Has Been Around Since the 1800s

Dental services that utilize sedation dentistry have been in practice since about 1844, so we have had plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of the best way to help patients, reduce discomfort, and lower general dental anxiety.

There Are Different Types of Sedation

In our dental office, we offer different types of sedation depending on the dental procedure you will be having and how relaxed you need to be:

  • Local anesthesia: This is administered using a syringe directly to the area being treated. It is most commonly used for procedures such as fillings and root canals.
  • Oral sedation: This is a pill that you take about an hour before your procedure. You remain awake during treatment but will have a calm, sleepy feeling throughout.
  • Nitrous oxide: Known as laughing gas, this is administered through a breathing mask and helps your body to relax. It does not numb the body but helps you to feel calm.
  • IV sedation: This is administered directly into the bloodstream through an IV. You remain awake and can respond, but most patients do not remember the procedure afterward.

Sedation Dentistry Is Safe

Dental Hygienist Applying Mask For Nitrous Oxide To Patient - oral conscious sedation for oral health dental careOur options for sedation dentistry are completely safe for your health, and we will only sedate you using an appropriate method for your needs and dental procedure. If you have any questions, Dr. Francis and our team are happy to answer them and help you understand what to expect.

Find Out If Sedation Is Right for You

If you have been putting off a dental appointment due to severe dental anxiety, our sedation dentistry services in Billings, MT may help. Contact our office to schedule your visit. You can also learn more about sedation dentistry here.